Back Pain

Back Pain

If you are like the 80% of the population whom suffer from low back pain at some time, then the smart logical choice is to get chiropractic evaluation and treatment. Back pain can effect anyone at any time weather they are active or sedentary, but it’s more common to those over 25. Left untreated it can progress in severity and symptoms leading to a chronic condition and pre mature wearing to sensitive spinal structures (osteo-arthritis), thus reducing your overall health.

Many studies (Canada, New Zealand) have shown just how effective, safe, and cost efficient chiropractic care can be when compared to traditional medical treatment. If you have low back pain call me to discuss your condition or make an appointment so we can remove the cause.

A Healthy Spine and Nervous System

If our spine was located on our face we’d take much better care of it than we do now. So what do we have to do to care for our back and nervous system better?

Optimal Exercise

Movement is life and life is movement. But where do I start? How much should I exercise and for how long? What is safe and appropriate for my back problem, for my body type, my age?

Optimal Nutrition

There is no one diet that is good for everybody and at different times of life our bodies have different nutritional needs. Negotiating the diet and nutritional maze can be daunting but we can show you where to start and guide you along the way.


Getting pain-free and well again and then staying pain free and well demands a plan that includes some specific health Knowledge. What should I do and what should I not be doing?

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Primary function over the last 30 years has been one of preventative care, although acute and corrective care are also available.

The clinic has interferential and ultra-sonic therapies to help facilitate your treatment thus reducing pain and other symptoms more readily.

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